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Community Forums

nsengimana jean... created new post 1 min 38 sec ago

what can be done by sbms to develop and promote literacy? i will appreciate your suggestions. may God bless you.

habimana anastase created new post 8 min 28 sec ago

Interesting about portal because of sharing experiences and creating friendship.

niyonteze jean ... created new post 22 min 43 sec ago

Mentors should be on this platform because they need to share their imformation,experiances,knowledge and ask same questions.

nkurunziza innocent created new post 1 hour 14 min ago

This platform helps teachers to create friendship among them

It also enables them  to be conversant in technology.When ou post or/and you comment on others' post.

nyirahabineza c... created new post 1 hour 33 min ago

It helps learners to improve their speaking skills.

Education Tips

While reading with your pupils you can pause and ask them questions to keep them involved in the story