Amabwiriza ku Ishyirwa mu bikorwa ry' inyandiko igenga imikorere ya "SBMP"

Iyi nyandiko  ikubiyemo amabwiriza mu ishyira mu bikorwa  ry'imikorere ya ba SBM .Igitabo ku mikorere yabo iri kuri iri somero.

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Publication year: 2017
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this will be help full

wow. thx alot

Aya mabwiriza njyewe ko nayabuze? mumfashe bavandimwe.

Thank you  to  this  present  framework , but  I would  like  to  remind  that  most  of  onces  the  implementing  aids'  availability  or lateness  appears ,let  do not  commit it  again . thank you  !

That's good the rest is it's implementation

that's true and very clear to choose SBMs and MTs but make sure that they will work .