School-Based Mentor program Frame Work-REB,2016

This framework provides a re-envisoned structure for the SMTP,including the provision of strategy aligned with the implementation of the new curriculum,school timetable for CPD activities,resource materials for mentor use in training teachers and monitoring and evaluation structure. It has been developed by REB in consultation with development partners.

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Resource type: Document
Publication year: 2016
Keywords: Frame work


Dear mentors here is a very resourceful material that will help us to be good mentors as requested by REB. This resource shows that we are officially recognized by REB since it came up with a framework for us to work within!

Thank u so much dear Raymond  for informing us that we are recognized by REB. From now we are sure that  we are supported and the Framework is the sign of the all Educational partnership .

Thanks for the information dear Raymond. Sure. these documents are very interesting to see. Hope the stakeholders are going to implement this.