Supporting Literacy and Early Grade Reading in our schools(FHI360)

This document is for helping educators who want to have a few basics or tips about EGR especially the 6 Ts and more references need to be consulted.

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Publication year: 2016
Keywords: EGR


Supporting early grade reading

Wow, thank you a lot for this helpful document. I think it is going to help us when supporting literacy and early grade reading in our children

This document is useful to Us and I plan to do it so that quality education will be improved and Rwandan children be literate as the milestone for better future.

Thank you very much for this document. I found the document very helpful as it will help me to get in touch with my fellow mentors.

thanks.we are going to share with primary teachers

Thank u for those notes,are more important to all teachers of lower primary to know it.Then let share it with our colleagues of our schools.