EDUCATION: Revision strategies that will guarantee good grades

Revision is a vital aspect of every student’s schooling journey, and educators believe that for one to be able to maintain good grades, they ought to embrace the culture of revision. The revision process involves reading through what has been taught in class using different materials such as notes, textbooks and past papers, among others.

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University of Rwanda in fresh round of restructuring

University of Rwanda is in the process of restructuring to improve the quality of education, reduce expenses and create a friendly learning environment for students.

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Teacher conduct: How does it impact learning?

Growing up, Ange Thaina Ndizeye, a Kigali-based mentor, believed that like many of her contemporaries, she would pursue her graduate studies abroad. But this ambition changed as she sailed through high school due to what she says was the influence of her role model – her teacher – and consequently, she went ahead to study here in Rwanda and graduate as a medical doctor.

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Varsity students urged to learn Chinese language

The Chinese ambassador to Rwanda, Rao Hungwei, has urged young Rwandan students to make use of the available opportunities to study Chinese.

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Suspended varsities have three months to comply or face permanent closure

The 10 higher institutions of learning that were suspended in March have only three months left to meet all the requirements needed by Higher Education Council (HEC).

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EAC inches closer to harmonised higher education

Expectations are high after the latest East African Community (EAC) Heads of State Summit in Tanzania declared the region as a common higher education area in a bid to harmonise and enhance quality of education.

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